Synthpop is fully on today. 

Does anyone know of any interviews where the interviewee has been asked about Fan Fiction? Pref a real person, and IDEALLY One Direction…

I’ve found an interview where Daniel Radcliffe’s spoken briefly about it, and Tom Felton too, but that was about their characters. Looking for real person fan fiction, ideally One Direction’s reaction to stuff about them.. Anyone?

Y’know when people comment on photos saying things like “so glad to see you smiling, you deserve to be happy” - well, who doesn’t? There are very few, if any, people in this world who don’t deserve to be happy. 

February is going to be a month of filling out application forms, I can feel it.

Need to get a job too, debt is spiraling :(  

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I’ve been trapped inside a box, slowly drowning in my thoughts. 

Such a brilliant song. 


Video of Marina taking a picture with the “I Love Trollina and the Diamonds” sign at 5:18

Fan: “Do you wanna go and get a McDonalds?”

Marina: “I don’t like McDonalds.” 


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I (and my two sisters) need feminism because a friend of my dad asked him why he hires a cleaning lady although he has three daughters…

Why DOES he hire a cleaning lady when he has three kids? depending on their age shouldn’t they learn how to clean the house, not just because they are woman, but so they know how to be dependent on themselves  instead of hiring some one to do it for them?

Couldn’t agree more. This isn’t a feminist mater. 

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